Virtual Sampling and Fitting

Visualize your design by a virtual sample and modify it before the costly real sample by a "click".

The virtual sample look 99% as the real sample, the sample can be viewed in 360 degree 3D with all the design details and both outside and inside of the sample garment.

No cost for modification of the sample, No cost of duplicate, No cost of material, No cost of remake, No cost of changing colour or pattern, No cost of delivery.

Reduce the leadtime of the product development, Reduce the stock materials during sampling, Reduce CO2 with no material and no parcel delivery, Reduce cost of low sample adoption, Reduce the chance of wrong sample.

Increase the number of design, Increase the style variation, Increase the flexibility by getting closer to the recent market trend, Increase the number of style adoption, Increase the competitive pricing, Increase the profit. 



Visualize your design by 3D stimulation before the real sample. With accurate material, colour, print pattern and size block. Detail of the styling is clearly visualized both outer and inner garment.

Virtual sample show the appearance and the texture of the fabric, reflecting the drapability, elasticity and the stiffness of the fabric.

Zero cost for fabric, print pattern, colourways and any combination. Designer create endless possibilities, unlimited graphic pattern and colourways in the same style block.

""No wait and see. Just click and see!""

By scanning the body figure or input the measurement of the standard model, the pattern can be generated by the software. Every single measurement can be modified and see the changes immediately. Size set samples are created in a minute.

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